SMTP Relay for Different Domain (Transport Table) in Zimbra 7

Zimbra Version : Release 7.1.0_GA_3140.RHEL5_64_20110329150833 CentOS5_64 FOSS edition.

Edit postfix_transport_maps values :

[[email protected] conf]# su zimbra
[[email protected] conf]$ zmlocalconfig -e postfix_transport_maps=hash:\${zimbra_home}/conf/transport,proxy:ldap:\${zimbra_home}/conf/

Create file transport in /opt/zimbra/conf

[[email protected] conf]$ vi /opt/zimbra/conf/transport

Add this line to file transport (Format -> destinationdomain :[smtprelayhost]) sample : :[]

Convert the transport file into maptype database file :

[[email protected] conf]$ postmap /opt/zimbra/conf/transport

Restart MTA

[[email protected] conf]$ zmmtactl restart
Rewriting configuration files...done.
postfix/postfix-script: refreshing the Postfix mail system
Stopping saslauthd...done.
Starting saslauthd...done.
[[email protected] conf]$

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