March 12th, 2010 by Gia

Step :

  1. Aktifkan plugin Authentication – LDAP (Extension > Plugin Manager).
  2. Lakukan pengaturan di plugin Authentication – LDAP seperti gambar dibawah: AuthLDAPJoomlaYang harus diisi :
    Host -> isi dengan host Mail Server Zimbra anda (mis.
    Port -> 389
    Authorization Method->Bind Directly as User Base
    DN -> ou=people,dc=rgiapratama,dc=net
    User’s DN -> uid=[username],ou=people,dc=rgiapratama,dc=net
    Connect Username -> uid=zimbra,cn=admins,cn=zimbra (dilihat di file konfigurasi Zimbra)
    Connect Password -> (dilihat di file konfigurasi Zimbra)
    Map: Full Name -> displayName
    Map: E-mail -> mail
    Map: User ID -> uid

  1. Edit file \libraries\joomla\database\table\user.php
    		if ((trim($this->email) == "") || ! JMailHelper::isEmailAddress($this->email) ) {
    			$this->setError( JText::_( 'WARNREG_MAIL' ) );
    			return false;


    		if ((trim($this->email) == "") || ! JMailHelper::isEmailAddress($this->email) ) {
       $this->email = $this->username . "";



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6 Responses to “Joomla 1.5.15 + Zimbra 6.0.1 (LDAP)”
hekma says:

how to authentification unified zimbra +joola+ldap

Gia says:

Hi Hekma..

What LDAP? openLDAP or Microsoft AD?

fahmi says:

can i ask something?
i already follow your instruction, but i still cant connect it, did i miss something?

gia says:

hello fahmi … :)
hmm… how about your user.php file? same with me? change with your email domain.

maxxer says:

it doesn’t seem to work for me.
I see no error in joomla, and no access in zimbra ldap.
i enabled joomla’s debug but no messages about ldap there either.

gia says:

Hi maxxer :)

how about LDAP module in your PHP? was enabled?
You can using a JDiagnostic Component to check your LDAP setting in Joomla.


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